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Kemiatech CAS Product Sheet for 1003-09-4 and chemical database information on Thiophene, 2-bromo- having the CID 13851

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The cas ID 1003-09-4 belongs to the chemical known as Thiophene, 2-bromo-. 1003-09-4 has been documented in the pubchem database with a CID of 13851 so we list here some chemical properties of Thiophene, 2-bromo-.

The molecular formula for 1003-09-4 is C4H3BrS giving it a molecular weight of 163.04. Pubchem lists the exact mass as 161.91388 for Thiophene, 2-bromo- but gives the IUPAC name to be 2-bromothiophene.

This cas (1003-09-4) is found on the common chemistry website among others. Here is the image of the 2-bromothiophene molecule:


NA. The solubility is and the Reactivity was reported as .

2-Bromothiophene has a molecular formula of C4H3BrS giving it a molecular mass of 163.04. In case you wanted to know the smile for 2-Bromothiophene it is BrC1=CC=CS1.

Checmical Property Value
Boiling Point 150 °C
Melting Point <25 °C
Density 1.6284 g/cm³ @ Temp: 20 °C

This concludes our report on 1003-09-4 and cas Thiophene, 2-bromo- Feel free to contact us for a quotation for Canada and Middle East shipping of 2-bromothiophene.

1003-09-4 has other names and synonyms such as [2-BROMOTHIOPHENE, 1003-09-4, 2-Thienyl bromide, Thiophene, 2-bromo-, Thiophene, bromo-, Bromothiophene, 2-bromo-thiophene, 2-bromo thiophene, 2-Bromothiophene, 98%, MFCD00005417, TUCRZHGAIRVWTI-UHFFFAOYSA-N, Thienyl bromide, 5-bromothiophene, NSC4456, 5-bromo-thiophene, 2-bromanylthiophene, NSC 4456, EINECS 213-699-4, sFpDAbHHRYSZZP@, PubChem5313, ACMC-2097on, ALPHA-THIENYL BROMIDE, SCHEMBL22395, KSC180K0P, BIDD:GT0231, AC1L22M8, AC1Q256F, Jsp000089, DTXSID4061389, CTK0I0507, ABLOCK AB-12-3942, BCP21550, NSC-4456, ZINC1673392, AC-194, ANW-14229, SBB003931, AKOS000121588, CS-W020109, DS-1962, LS20644, MCULE-1364150691, PS-5772, RP02282, RTC-060261, TRA0047779, 60326-18-3, AJ-29319, AK-76677, AN-16059, BC002937, BC676814, BC677960, CJ-06163, CJ-27259, SC-00017, DB-020745, ST2409763, TC-060261, TL8000043, B0941, FT-0611618, FT-0611619, FT-0689817, ST50406225, H23029, M-4597, A800095, I09-0023, Q-200247, InChI=1/C4H3BrS/c5-4-2-1-3-6-4/h1-3, F0001-0036].

The wikipedia link for cas 1003-09-4 is in case you are interested to read more buy here are some properties we have about it:

Chemical Name:  Thiophene, 2-bromo-

Chemical Formula:  C4H3BrS

CAS Number:  1003-09-4

Synonyms:  2-Bromothiophene;2-Thienyl bromide;Thienyl bromide

Molecular Weight:  163.037

Download the molecule .MOL file here. It can be opened with ChemDraw software.

Here is the safety data sheet:


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